About Me

Hey there! 

My name is Devon (deh-vihn) and I am a music obsessed, astrology reading, food loving birth worker.I am a Los Angeles native (South Bay to be exact) and a mother to a very, very busy 4 year old daughter named Zoe who keeps me up to date on everything Disney related. Thanks to her, Disneyland is practically my second home. 

I've spent the last 3 years of my life as a Registered Dental Assistant by day and reproductive health advocate by night. However, lately my obsession with reproductive health has come to a head as I've finally answered my calling of becoming a doula. 

I knew that I was called to do this work in 2015 when I experienced the birth of my daughter. Not only was I very young and pregnant, but I also chose to go against the "standard" by deciding to hire a midwife instead of an OBGYN and to have a water-birth at a birthing center instead of at a hospital, like all of my peers and family that came before me. In fact, I had so much fun breastfeeding Zoe that I continued until she was over 2 years old and old enough to reach and grab for the breast herself (which she did)! As you can imagine, this made me the topic of a lot of scrutiny and came at the expense of many mean looks and unsupportive comments. This caused me to dig deeper into and question the standard of care that we receive as the "norm" in our society, regarding birth.

In addition to this, it also caused me to go back and process my own birth story. While my midwife and doula were nothing short of AMAZING, my "peaceful" water-birth didn't go as planned and I opted for a hospital-transfer. I was able to experience, first-hand, the effect that emotional trauma can have on your birthing experience as well as the difference of care received in both settings. This experience not only made me an advocate for the birthing person's personal autonomy, but an activist for reproductive justice.Witnessing the maternal health crisis against people of color sparked this activism even further.

My mission in becoming a doula was not only to allow the birthing person to recenter themselves during the experience, but to remind them of their strength, provide continuous LOVE and support during this vulnerable and transformative process, and to help them find their voice in order to experience the birth that they want and deserve. 

Proudly providing a safe space for all POC and LGBTQ+ people in the Los Angeles area.

Specializing in servicing black birthing people in order to combat the extremely high rates of black maternal mortality.

Homemade Natural Soap

> birth doula trained with DONA International

> birth doula trained with Mama Glow

> postpartum doula trained with Mama Glow

certified reiki practitioner with Anne Reith, Ph.D., of Impart Wisdom & Wellness Center

> AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR certified (for adult, children and infants)

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